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This web site is about the truth of you and me.

In small pieces of prose and poetry it explores the discovery
and embodiment our true nature and what we can meet on our
explorations if self-realization is our cup of tea.

Terms like awakening, enlightenment, Truth with a capital t,
your Self with a capital s, divine consciousness, nirvana,
non-duality are often associated with ideas and
expectations of perfection, extra ordinariness and a grandiose
notion of finality
Luckily, in daily life (where life happens), truth is far from any kind of
one-sided, sublime, stand still. This makes loose, lively strokes
a great way to paint how incredibly alive, simple, concrete
and intimate truth can be. In finding it and in living it.

Although certain things certainly end with realizing our
true nature, other things do not.
Life will bring the contents of our inner landscapes
to our attention and provides an opening to strip
what is obsolete and to allow the flowering of anything
authentic in our unique and personal make up.

In celebration of the inclusive nature of life,
and of the freedom we have to align every
aspect of our humanity with our realization
the website is called inclusive awakening.

I trust that the writings in the blog* section show
a bit of the beauty, joy and love that speckle
the never ending exploration of inner riches.

I hope that the creative expressions give you joy or may even
inspire you to investigate and to take courage to define
how truth manifests for you.

As far as I am concerned, our
uniqueness makes us the ultimate and only
yard stick of what is right and true for us.

In my own experience the nature of truth
is such, that it easily holds any
possible perspective.

As a human being I am awake about my true nature. The words ‘being awake’ do not refer to a state but point to something already established, which I know you, myself and all the things around us to be. It is not rooted in, nor conditioned by time or space.

You could say it exists without any condition whatsoever. It is causeless and perhaps divinity is the most fitting term for this radiant no-thing, this self evident presence of conscious light that quite literally shines as and through everything that arises in it.

The Awakening steps lead up to such a realization differ from person to person as they are all based on unique conditions that stem from an entity’s nature and unfolding path.

In the end not a single stage in awakening is more important than any other because they are all equally vital in a process of becoming a significantly simple human being.

I am not a teacher in these matters and telling you how to go from A to B is way over my head, because once it’s realized, our true nature has such an obviousness, that telling what to do, feels something like asking you to read these words in spite of the fact that you are already doing that.

My bread and butter is earned by web design and sometimes through occasional digressions into carpentry and house painting for friends and family.

I have been asked by people in the teaching game and in the seeking game to show my colors as an awakened being or ‘your word here’, but as awakening has been a spontaneous unfolding for me, I have no formula, no path to show and zero disciplines to give which means that I can only be the fellow traveller that I already am.

I currently facilitate non-dual meetup groups, one in Amsterdam and the other in India, both together with my love Anamika.

In making presence available without the use of traditional formats, sharing is without “Ï have it and you do not” which seems to me a misrepresentation of how things actually are.

During these exchanges I sometimes describe snapshots and tell anecdotes from the road I travelled so far.
Sometimes I inspire and encourage; perhaps point out a trap but that’s it.

You are the one that walks your walk and as a friend I can only say that you can dicover whatever you earnestly
desire to know.
You cannot fail to realize what you already are, always already free, for ever becoming.


Michiel Mussies


Non-Dual Meetups

Non-Dual Meetups

Sharing from experience

These gatherings are basically a means to facilitate awakening outside a teacher student framework.
Where the student-teacher-construct has a hieararchical appearance, the meetup does not.
The entire setup is aimed at exchanging experiences and to explore topics and issues. Awakened individuals are in this format not a central figure but more of an assistant that guards clarity and focus.
There is no teaching or instructing but simply a sharing from personal experience, just like all the other participants.

The beauty is of course that in this manner the availability of that what is sought by the participants is not framed as something special but as something which is -in it’s own right- something ordinary and already available.

Here’s how we do it:

Usually we prepare a meetup by focussing on a topic of our own or as suggested by a group member. We then collect some small video’s that are related to the subject. Usually we have about three or four on a laptop, each will usually range from 3 to 9 minutes.

We sit in a circle on chairs and we usually start of by asking how people are doing and if they want to discuss or explore something that has come up in their life. In general there is usually an appropriate moment to mention the topic of the meetup. The group either talks a while about the topic or we show a first video. After the video people often just sink into stillness or just remain silent untill someone starts to talk or has a question about what we have been watching. After the discussions and exchanges we become still or move to another video. And on it goes. It is more a spontaneous event than a planned schedule. Sometimes we are in intensive conversation and have no time to watch another video and sometimes we sit in stillness a lot, it all depends and it is always a surprise how things turn out.

Here’s an example video of Susanne Marie we used in an Auroville meetup


We also experiment

Because we alternate between India and The Netherlands, we could only continue the Dutch meetups on line. We used Skype as our tool and all of the participants are pleasantly surprised by the intimate nature of these online meetups. In the normal, live setup we do not see everyone full face. This is different when we meet online as all the faces of the people of the group are visible and responses and reactions are continuously perceived by each and every one. This creates a very personal and intimate atmosphere and there is hardly any notion of actually being on different locations.

Staying practical

As participants are aware of the disposition of an awakened participant, we usually arrange for meetups to have a minimum of two awakened people. This way there is no main focal point on one person in particular. By sitting opposite or apart from each other in the circle we furthermore prevent accidental fixation on one segment of the group.

Naturally, topics and questions are brought back to a perspective of enquiry, feeling, sensing and direct understanding. This way we avoid exchanges that are merely conceptual or opinions. The emphasis on experience usually invites a deepening of presence.

If you are interested in setting up a meetup yourself, feel free to contact us and we will share our experience with you the best way we can.

If you are interested in joining one of the meetup groups visit the meetup web site.
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